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St. Vital Physiotherapy


Orthotics are prescribed based on a thorough examination of the entire lower portion of the body from the low back down to the toes.

Stiffness in the joints and tightness of muscles of the back and lower limb can affect the mechanics of the foot leading to dysfunction in the foot and subsequent pain. Properly made orthotics can provide shock absorbtion, allow the foot to function properly, and provide a stable base of support for the body.

St. Vital Physiotherapy uses a non-weightbearing casting process to create custom orthotics, which essentially brings the ground up to meet the foot in its neutral biomechanical position. This changes the forces causing pain, and may alleviate pain in the feet, legs, knees, and back. To create the cast, the feet are placed in their neutral position, and thin plaster strips are used to create a mold of your feet. These molds are carefully removed, given a day or two to dry, and shipped to our orthotic company in Vancouver where your orthotics are created. The company then stores a digital image of your foot for several years. This makes subsequent orders substantially cheaper, as long as your device is still medically appropriate for you.

For subsequent orders, re-assessments of your feet, previous orthotics, a biomechanical exam, and a gait analysis are completed to ensure the prescription is still accurate. Initial orthotic orders are received in 2-3 weeks, and subsequent orders are received in approximately 10 days.

If you are new to orthotics, a ‘weaning-in’ process may be required, which entails wearing your new orthotics for a few hours to start, then adding an extra hour or two each day until your body is accustomed to them. Our orthotic company also does free tweaks or modifications to your orthotics within the first 6 months, so if they do not feel perfect after the weaning process please let us know! A custom orthotic will last for years, but the top covers may deteriorate with age or damage. Recovering our orthotics is also an option, for a fraction of the original cost.

Our Team

All of our Physiotherapists have received a University education and are professionally registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba.

They are committed to providing professional evidence-based hands-on treatment, and education and exercises to help reduce your pain and restore your function and mobility. They pursue ongoing post-graduate courses to employ the most current techniques in their practice.

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