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St. Vital Physiotherapy

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release, cupping and soft tissue mobilization are effective tools to help manage pain and discomfort.

“Myo” means muscle and “fascial” refers to the connective tissue that covers and supports the muscles throughout your entire body. Referred to as “Trigger Point Therapy”, release techniques involve locating knots or trigger points in your fascial tissues and applying gentle pressure until the tension releases. Myofascial release therapy can relieve acute pain, treat injuries, promote relaxation, and benefit individuals who have experienced:

  • Physical injuries or trauma such as from falls, car accidents or sports injuries.
  • Scarring from conditions such as frozen shoulder or post-surgery.
  • Inflammation such as with bursitis, osteoarthritis, or plantar fasciitis.
  • Repetitive strain injuries from postural habits or heavy lifting.
  • Compressed nerves from herniated discs or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Our team often incorporates manual or hands-on myofascial release techniques, cupping, and soft tissue mobilization with edge tools, foam rollers, and massage balls into our customized treatment plans for myofascial release (i.e. Trigger Point Therapy).

To learn more and book an appointment, please call 204-255-0597 or visit our team at 1555 St. Mary’s Road, just south of Meadowood Drive, where we serve communities in Royalwood, Riverpark South, Southdale, Southwood, Island Lakes and beyond!

Our Team

At St. Vital Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre, our team of Physiotherapists have all received a university education and are professionally registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba.

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To accommodate the busy lifestyles of our clients, we offer a range of extended appointment hours including early mornings and evenings.